Darryl Battaglia - vocals, guitar
Mark Humphries - lead guitar
Brenton Worthy - vocals, bass
McCrea Adams - keyboards
Edward Concialdi – drums

It’s looking like the tribute band scene is here to stay, and with the level of entertainment  
people can experience, it’s no wonder. Late in 2001 singer and frontman Darryl Battaglia was looking to put together a band that would appeal to the mass group of audience who loved the sound and total vibe of the 80s, and decided to form Candy-O, the ultimate tribute to The Cars.

With longtime musical compadre McCrea Adams (Shoes For Industry) on keyboards, Brenton Worthy on lead guitar, and Pierre Leemann on drums, Candy-O began its foray into the then-untapped tribute scene. Guitar maestro Don E. Sachs (In Color, Kick/INXSsive, ex-Shake City) joined the band in 2004 to lend his particular style to the role of Elliot Easton, and Worthy moved over to bass guitar, also taking on the Benjamin Orr persona on co-lead vocals as well. Leemann left the band in 2007, and Edward Concialdi (ex-Salient), who had played with Don E. in many of his other tribute acts, jumped in to lend his drumming hands to the mix. In 2017, Don E. left the band to pursue other projects and was replaced by Mark Humphries.

Covering all of The Cars’ radio hits as well as some popular album cuts, Candy-O captures the terminal cool of The Cars’ live performance in all aspects. The band has consistently amazed and entertained crowds whenever and wherever they hit the stage. So catch a ride to the era that was all about fun, and enjoy the sound and vision of the 80’s created by Candy-O!!

Song List

Good Times Roll
My Best Friend’s Girl
You’re All I’ve Got Tonight
Moving In Stereo
Bye Bye Love
Shake It Up
Let’s Go
You Might Think
It’s All I Can Do
Don’t Cha Stop
Hello Again
Just What I Needed
Dangerous Type
Tonight She Comes
All Mixed Up
Night Spots
Touch and Go

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